Saturday, March 16, 2013

Amwaj Farah - Part Two

The team of Ahlia University recieved their briefing by Injaz on Thursday, and came today to class to kick- off the first session of (Ripples of Happiness) regional competiton.

I still cannot get over the awkward feeling from walking into what once used to be the coolest hangout and the spot where I saw most of the movies. It's amazing how the place turned into a UNIVERSITY all of a sudden. Funny

Anyhow, the team arrived late and this is not a good start. Time is money and it needs to be respected by the future generation of Bahrain.
Oh well, we move to another shocking incident with what was supposed to be a very high tech classroom. Smart board aparently turned out to be not so smart :-) No internet, No laptop, No Projector, No white board pens.... I think to myself (Now What? How on earth will I present what I prepared?)
Being an ex-girl scout, we live by the foundation rule of (Be prepared) & Make do with what you got 'cause the show must go on  - so, I start getting to know the team and try to break-the-ice.

At first, I spoke about InJaz & Coca Cola. Then we discussed the importance of CSR and the vital role it plays in the business-life nowadays. How companies like TOMS relied on CSR to market their brand globally.
At Ripples of Happiness, each team member is supposed to talk about his/her life map. A one minute about their name, age, current studies and future aspirations.

Mine was a bit dramatic to them (I guess) - Here is  summary:
A Science Secondary graduate, who then studied at UOB, Accounting for it was the most challenging, then decided to work at MTC-Vodafone at any available job just to be in Marketing someday. Born in Lebanon, Lived in Bahrain, Turkish Grandmother & Name, represented Bahrain in the National Team for Table Tennis in 1996, School Champion in Table Tennis for 5 years in a row since 1994, lived in Sudan for 100 days, got my Executive MBA from Duke University in the States then worked for Motorola for 4 months - to say the least

I am so excited to be with them, and to volunteer to support such an energetic program.
Let us hope they come up with innovative CSR project ideas next week

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Amwaj Fara7 - Part 1

Ripples of Happiness, A term I am trying to learn about as it will be my upcoming volunteer project.
I have been nominated by InJaz Bahrain to volunteer at a Bahraini University to deliver this exciting Social Development program called (Ripples of Happiness) or as translated to (Amwaj Farah).

My role will be to run a class once a week for a period of 6 consecutive weeks at a university for around 25 students that have been pre-selected to participate in this fun program that is funded by Coca - Cola as part of their CSR initiative around the Arab Wolrd.

The program aims to develop students' Social Consciousness and help them improve their community in a fun and innovative way.
The students will get together to represent their university in the nation-wide competition and then be judged and voted for winning at the regional competition in terms of creativity, scalability and usefulness of their idea
All of that will be achieved in a very fun atmosphere and with great emphasis on the role of Social Media  - as described ( they will become socially active towards the community, creating happiness for themselves and for the lives they touch.)

Oh well, I must look for exciting ice-breaking activities and some mind-blowing initiatives that my team can benefit from & hopefully win the local and international competition.

Here is a link for the website.

Feel Free to post some ideas & do share any social/community project you may feel is worth exploring. The more relevant we are the more chances we get for winning.

I am inspired today!