Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Boxing Day2

Yey! I'm so proud of myself I made it to Day2 at the gym. Yes, an achievment to a person that enjoys spending money on yearly membership at almost every gym in Bahrain and visits it for a day or two all year!
Okay, I won't get over excited and aim to make it to day 30 =)

Highlights of the day:
- Upon arrival, the instructor asked us to write on the wall. Anything we want. I grabbed a spray bottle and wrote (Jump!) right beneath the long mirror I face when excercising.
- We had the usual fitness routine that felt harder today as we had to repeat them faster & we had to fake climbing the mountain
- I noticed that I started punching the bag harder and faster. My movement while boxing improved too.
- My stomach aches now as I had to do multiples of sit-ups
- I like how I suddenly became consious of my dinner habbits. How I think twice before nibbling on a piece of cake or any leftovers in the fridge.
- Dinner today was a bowl of Yoghurt and plenty of water

Can't wait for Day3

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boxing- Day 1

I can't believe that I have finally attended my First boxing session at the Gym. My work friend has been going there for over three weeks and I have seen her body transform and shape up. I'm doing Mauy Thai ( still not sure of the spelling)
I'm weak with commitments, therefore my first promise to myself is to keep up the (3 times a week) schedule. So, I'm planning to post here the outcome of each session. How I felt before it & after!

Before Day1:
Dragging myself to make the first move. Giving myself excuses to why I couldnt attend the first session( I dont have sweat pants, invited to a party, have to drop mom to the airport... ) and the list went on. Until I promised my work friend that Sunday will be the day! She is a great support, kept on reminding me and telling me how committed she is now on going to the gym everyday! I guess I loved her passion the most. My cousin tagged along and off we drove to Sahel Gym in Budaiya

Day 1:
We arrived at 8 and started the warm up by walking around the room. The instructor asked us to run, but we couldnt at the time so we tried to walk faster and pretend to run :)
The fitness routine was fun to do. The best part was punching the bag with all your power! Never knew hitting something was that good;) no wonder men fight all the time :)

Outcome: happy, proud that I finally made it to the gym. Worried if I will keep my promise and go to Day2.