Monday, December 29, 2014

The Orangery - Tea Room

A delightful experience at The Orangery, the new Tea Room that just opened by Masso. It recently soft-launched its dessert section, as savory dishes are still being tested. 
We enjoyed the experience & the well presented & well prepared dishes. 

1- The Strawberry Gateaux. Super fluffy, cream is very light & fresh. Strawberries ripe & tasteful. Loved every bite of it

2- A large selection of cakes. Rose cake, Napoletta, Chocolate Mousse & a baked Vanilla Cheesecake. But the one that was by far the most delicious piece of dessert that I have tried for a while- the Kunafa Swiss Roll. A Must Have ! 

3- Chef Suzy took the lead in recommending to us a few sandwiches & items of their savory menu.We loved everything. The Bresaola & Goat Cheese Sandwich. The Trio Hummos. A Mixed Grilled Vegetables Foccacia Bread Sandwich paired with crispy hand prepared fries. 

You will also enjoy the perfect selection of bread & hi quality butter. 

Located right behind Masso in Adliya.
Enjoy it. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Arab Idol'ing LIVE

I was lucky enough during my short visit to Beirut earlier this month ( Nov 2014 ) to attend the live prime show of Arab Idol. It was my first experience to attend such an event, so I really didn't know what to expect. 
I put on my high heels, wore make up & luckily packed my new coat. 
We had to be there at 6pm Beirut time & due to Beirut's unpredicted traffic jams, we decided to leave at 4pm to avoid it. Lucky us, we reached in less than 30 minutes. Unfortunately, we waited till 7 pm to enter! Yes!!! Wrong choice of shoes indeed as we stood outdoors for almost 3 loooooong hours. The coat came in handy though as it was chilled. 

In we walked, thru tough security. 
Zone B, seat 81 ( Perfect! I thought) . I trip at the entrance, almost slipping off the stairs as I look for our seats. Funny that the chairs were basic plastic ones! The hassle I went thru to look for my assigned seat was useless as the chairs weren't numbered! 
We sat by Wael Kfouri's side :)
The set is much smaller that what it looks like on TV. 
Wael is way shorter than Hassan Shafei
Nancy is too skinny!
Ahlam freaked me when she turned all of a sudden but she is so much fun to watch.
Elissa is 'Mahdoumeh' on stage and very elegant. 
Before the final session, A manager came to the jury and asked them to get close and told them something. It seemed very serious & It felt like they knew what the result was before they'd announce it.
Nice audience briefing by the producers asking everyone to clap, cheer up for all contestants as all of them are Arab. They asked everyone to refrain from saying bad words to the jury otherwise they will be asked to leave the set)
انتو ضيوف ال ام بي سي

It was a great experience indeed. Tiring & restricted, though memorable.

Here are a few shots 

Wael keeps on going back stage at each break 😉 واحد من الجمهور قال له ( روح شوف مرايتك مزبوط

الاجتماع المغلق عند اخر بريك- هممم

Monday, November 3, 2014

بيروت ما بتموت

Inspired by the beauty of this city. By the strength of its people despite their weakness. By their souls that will never know how to stop enjoying life by the second.  As I Walk along the sea shore of pretty Beirut one breezy morning, these words came to my mind and had to be written... (PS: I'm not a writer) 

في قمة حُزنهم، يُغنون

في أتعس أيامهم،يرقُصون

و على ذكرياتهم الأليمة،يضحكون

 قديمهم جديد 
و جديدهم أرتيزانا

عربيتهم فرنسية

هم كذلك لبنانيون

Saturday, September 20, 2014


IiMasso. An Itaian fine dine spot in Bahrain, infamous for their 'trufflicious' dishes. Chef Suzy does a great job handpicking all the top notch ingredients to orchesterate delicious dishes. 
The place will warm your heart with it's huge candles lighting it up, the long table with wooden benches will remind you of the signing scene in ( My Best Friend's Wedding) where they all sing a little prayer for me :) 
The waiters are well trained & know exactly what to recommend. 

The food! A blissful blend of flavors. It is indeed my happy place. Here are my usual picks (everytime)! 

- Barrata ( Fresh Mozarella with lemon/basil dressinng)

- Dried Goat Cheese Salad

- Mushroom/ Truffle Oil Pizza ( You can take a half & half ) 

- Rib Eye Steak ( Medium Well) The crunchy crust will be soaked with Truffle Oil 👌 perrrrrrrfection at every bite

- This is the Salmon dish. I will also recommend the Jumbo Shrimps with fennel & Mashed Potato

Finally, their top recommended desserts are the Suzy Tiramisu ( ask for the Non alcoholic) the trio ( Ice Cream, dark chocolate ganache & fresh cream- topped with my best part - A  Honey Comb log ! ( crunchy) 

My newest obsession has been the ( Affogato) . I've been trying it at almost every Italian restaurant in Bahrain. By far, the one at Masso is the best, as the esspresso comes hot on the side and you get to pour it over the delicious homemade vanilla ice cream 

Follow them on Twitter @MassoRestaurant

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Makeup-ful event

It is precisely the possibility of realizing a dream that makes life interesting.
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Congratulations to the sweet Mai AlMoayyad for realizing her dream & opening up a very unique make up store in Bahrain. 

I came to know this young lady from her social media messages about make up trends, product reviews & actually applying some of her very useful tips. It got a tad bit interesting when she started giving make up classes ! My cousin and I applied. We enjoyed it as much as all the other attendees. Mai was very sweet, funny, practical & I thought to myself- YES. This young lady knows what she's talking about- most importantly, she LOVES what she's doing. 
She's a trend setter! Her classes were demanded in Dubai & always fully booked ahead of time mashalla. 

Bahrain should be proud of her talent.

Here are a few pics of her store's opening last night. It's located at the mew Sgaya Mall ( exactly next to Mothercare) & opposite to (AlHaya & Tala Plaza)

(This photo is taken from @themakeupmanual post)

Instagram & Twitter Accounts

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Take it or leave it!

As a child, we merely had two choices imposed on us by our loving parents: ( Take it or Leave it)! 

Growing up, one would come across many incidents that would require a wider variety of choices...  but in reality, it all boils down to these two choices! You either 'take' the situation you're in and dwell upon it ( be it a bad day at work, a tough boss, low grades, sickness, to name a few) or you can choose to (leave it) behind. Ignore it ever happened and look for alternatives. 

My recommendation though is, to 'Take it' AND 'Leave it'

Take in the learnings from each situation, look for life's teachings in the deepest problems you face ( there has to be one somewhere) then stand up & 'Leave it' like there's no tomorrow! 

Now to a bit less serious talk. Adapting to a new food diet exposed me to a new choice ( Take it, Tweet it & Leave it) 😄 for the choices Of food are endless & far more than what my tiny heart/stomach can handle. 

Here's a few of my favorite things in Houston:
Five guys, chipotle & Jack-in-the-box
Fresh juices at Jamba Juice 

Crunchy crisps at Starbucks

Chai Pie at Pondchiri 

Steak at Eddie V's

Tacos at Chipotle

Salmon on a bed of lobster mashed potatoes! At Eddie V's 

... To name a few 😄

Like the bird

"Be like the bird, who

Halting in his flight

On limb too slight

Feels it give way beneath him,

Yet  sings 

Knowing he hath wings." By Victor Hugo

His poem is engraved beneath this beautiful sculpture at MD Anderson - Texas- USA. Giving hope to those fighting, the survivors & their supporting families and friends. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Make a difference. Yes, YOU can!

New Dawn Ladies Society was established back in 2006 by a group of young ladies dreaming of making a difference in their society. We worked hard on introducing a few unique fund raising activities by involving the youth from both genders.
Our society has been honored this year to manage the annual donation campaign of Bahrain City Center! 

The mall's donation campaign is called (Make A Difference). Large, secure donation boxes are placed in the mall throughout the holy month of Ramadan. People can donate clothes, packed food items, glasses & books.
Then,  we are expected to pass them on to the underprivileged families in need- But wait, we need to do it differently- we need to do it the-new-dawn-way💪 

These are a few of the bags collected by the mall. Work started last night by filtering them by gender, age & lifestyle. Our data base of families have been contacted & the 1st batch of clean/wearable clothes have been donated to them earlier this morning. 

We will be meeting this Friday & Sunday evening to work on the remaining pile 

Follow @NewDawnBH on instagram or @NewDawnSociety on Twitter to share with us your feedback, let us know of families we can reach out to and if you wish to volunteer with us  to help us out. 

We are passionate about making a difference ... Are YOU? 

Your donations make a difference, your retweets & reposts will help Spread the message across💕  

Make A Difference - NOW!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Foodie Review: Blue-field Burgers

The new greek franchise is located in Juffair. At Al Rayah Mall, a new place facing Marriot Hotel.

According to the doodles on the wall, Bluefield Burgers is available in Greece, New York & Bahrain ( yey !) 

It's relatively small, 14-15 tables. Overlooking AlOsra Supermarket & Starbucks. 

The interior/atmosphere is very calm & unique. Makes you wana go again & try other things from their menu- which is filled with unusal items for the Bahrain market. Such as: Lobster Rolls, Truffle Chips, Yoghurt dip, Salmon Burger.

The ladies had a burger. They loved the patty & the quality of the bread. Only comment was that the food arrived a bit cold. 
I ordered a chili cheese hotdog. It was perfect! 
We tried their chicken wings- Wasn't impressed with the choice of its sauce. Greek iced-tea ( Didn't like it), Onion rings (Y-U-M)! Loved the batter & named it by far, the Best Onion Rings in Bahrain. Which makes me want to try their Fish 'n Chips next time, as the batter is 👌 

We couldn't try the Pavalova which was highly recommended. There's always going to be a second visit desire when you see the place. 
Prices are very reasonable. 
We ordered: Two beef burgers( with fries),  Chili cheese chips (large), Truffles Chips ( large), Onion Rings ( large), Chicken Wings, Chili cheese hotdog, Greek Iced tea & two sodas for BD18! 
The quantity was insane for Three

Try it! 

Monday, April 28, 2014

A Foodie Night at Meisei

Most foodies in Bahrain recieved a lovely invite to try Meisei's new menu additions. Without hesitation, I accepted the invitation to explore what the infamous Chef Micheal's latest innovations. 

Exceeding our expectations & our wildest imagination ( that are related to food ) ... 

We started of with a variety of crisp fresh salads. This is the crispy duck salad. 

The warm goat cheese salad. I liked the combination of flavors

The green papaya & crispy beef salad.

Moving on the main. Oh what a blissful experience. First of all, I have to note that although I LOVE Japanese food, I was never able to go for any raw meat options. But, Chef Micheal changed this & because of this Beautiful Salmon dish, I have conqured my fears. The bottom part is a zesty raw salmon mix with a combination of sauces.. Its topped with a guacamole- like puree & garnished with crispy beetroot flakes. 

Who would order a pizza at a Japanese fine dine restaurant? So I thought to myself. But believe me when I'd say that it isn't like any pizza you'd ever tase. Warm bed of baby spinach, roasted pepers & goat cheese on a crust made from chestnut & vanilla beans! 

So, chef Micheal is know for being innovative. He proudly spoke to us about his trips around the world to get the most unique ingredients such as saffron salt, black rice, himalayan salt & many other items. 
Another hidden beauty on the menu that I wouldn't have ever thought of ordering, is a 'Club Sandwich'! 
But look at how exquisite this sandwich looks like! Layers of crispy rice filled with a combination of raw tuna & a heavenly mix of wonders that blend tpgether perfectly in every bite. 

& then there was dessert. I will say no more. Instead, you guys have to go & try this fluffy dish for yourselves. 

Follow @meiseibahrain on instagram & twitter to get their updated menu & latest offers. 

Location: Adliya, Bahrain. Right next to Block338. Behind NYIT