Sunday, May 12, 2013

@ MD Anderson - Part 4 (Volunteers & a BIG supportive family)

Being a patient at MD Anderson turns you & your caregiver into a big family with other patients & their caregivers, doctors, nurses, workers, security, volunteers and more.

This blog is dedicated to every one of them. Thank You for making our journey as delightful as possible despite the pain, homesick, worries of cancer & the rest of the cancer worry list.

 Imagine walking one day into your hospital and seeing it filled with jade green & purple balloons all over! Wouldn't that put a surprise-smile on your tired face? It sure did. We were very happy to see that the whole hospital is celebrating patients & CAREGIVERS! How cool is that? 

Below is a picture for two sweet volunteers that roamed around the hospital with big smile on their faces, giving free turbans and head covers to patients whilst taking their chemo session.

Here are some pictures from the different activities.
Scattered tables with free gifts & cards for survivors and caregivers

 The card baskets for everyone to pick a free card that has been designed by kids and volunteers.

 Free biscuits ( All year round, and not just during the celebration week)

The store selling MD Anderson related merchandise from Tshirts, magnets, notebooks, mugs, and much more

How cool are these volunteers? I wish our youth generation take an hour or more from their busy time to spread a smile to those in need in their own capacity.
Let us put hands together to share the similar experience at different hospitals in our areas. You can make a difference in their tough journey, start now!
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