Monday, April 28, 2014

A Foodie Night at Meisei

Most foodies in Bahrain recieved a lovely invite to try Meisei's new menu additions. Without hesitation, I accepted the invitation to explore what the infamous Chef Micheal's latest innovations. 

Exceeding our expectations & our wildest imagination ( that are related to food ) ... 

We started of with a variety of crisp fresh salads. This is the crispy duck salad. 

The warm goat cheese salad. I liked the combination of flavors

The green papaya & crispy beef salad.

Moving on the main. Oh what a blissful experience. First of all, I have to note that although I LOVE Japanese food, I was never able to go for any raw meat options. But, Chef Micheal changed this & because of this Beautiful Salmon dish, I have conqured my fears. The bottom part is a zesty raw salmon mix with a combination of sauces.. Its topped with a guacamole- like puree & garnished with crispy beetroot flakes. 

Who would order a pizza at a Japanese fine dine restaurant? So I thought to myself. But believe me when I'd say that it isn't like any pizza you'd ever tase. Warm bed of baby spinach, roasted pepers & goat cheese on a crust made from chestnut & vanilla beans! 

So, chef Micheal is know for being innovative. He proudly spoke to us about his trips around the world to get the most unique ingredients such as saffron salt, black rice, himalayan salt & many other items. 
Another hidden beauty on the menu that I wouldn't have ever thought of ordering, is a 'Club Sandwich'! 
But look at how exquisite this sandwich looks like! Layers of crispy rice filled with a combination of raw tuna & a heavenly mix of wonders that blend tpgether perfectly in every bite. 

& then there was dessert. I will say no more. Instead, you guys have to go & try this fluffy dish for yourselves. 

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Location: Adliya, Bahrain. Right next to Block338. Behind NYIT