Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Laugh together

They say that (People who laugh together, Stay together). What do you say then about the people who have been laughing together for the past 10 years? And in the most random places like Sudan!

I feel blessed when I look back at 10 years I spent at Zain Bahrain. Proud of whom I have become and proud of all the friends I laughed with.

My story with Zain started back in 2003 on a summer afternoon when I was walking down the registration area at University of Bahrain trying to get my transcript verified for a job I had accepted in an Auditing firm. I passed by a group of young and energized people giving away red and royal blue caps with (MTC-Vodafone) logo on top. I was pulled in to attend the conference held by their HR team to explain to students what the company was all about. ‘I can spare a few minutes for this. Let me sit at the back so I can sneak out if it gets boring' - I was thinking to myself as I walked into the hall.
Leaving that room after around an hour, looking around for the head of HR (Salwa) to hand her my CV after falling in love with what they said! Yes, It was Love at first sight. A moment that changed the path I had been working on for 4 years in college. She tells me that the company is not looking for accountants, instead for customer services and sales agents. I straight away told her, get me into customer services. I want to get into the company from any door, and then I will find my way into a suitable position.
Everyone thought I gambled with my future and took a wrong decision by letting go a well paying job to an entry level position in an irrelevant field of a startup company.
Despite the harsh feedback I got, I was super excited about going to Crowne Plaza everyday for almost three months with all the new recruits to be trained on Telecommunication technologies, terms, trouble shooting, systems, and much more. The excitement came from my passion to start up and set up something from scratch. I find myself all the time, dreaming of something and waking up the next day trying to achieve it. I succeed sometimes and in other times I feel happy that my brain thought of something as unique as that at least :)

Months have passed, experiences piling up from my experience with Customer Services in the morning time, then rushing up to the Marketing department to help them with (ANYTHING) they might need after my working hours. I used to stay till 10 & 11 pm daily and even work during the weekends with a wide grin on my face :)
It was then that I found out that (Product Development) in (Marketing) is where I belong.
..... To be continued