Monday, November 3, 2014

بيروت ما بتموت

Inspired by the beauty of this city. By the strength of its people despite their weakness. By their souls that will never know how to stop enjoying life by the second.  As I Walk along the sea shore of pretty Beirut one breezy morning, these words came to my mind and had to be written... (PS: I'm not a writer) 

في قمة حُزنهم، يُغنون

في أتعس أيامهم،يرقُصون

و على ذكرياتهم الأليمة،يضحكون

 قديمهم جديد 
و جديدهم أرتيزانا

عربيتهم فرنسية

هم كذلك لبنانيون

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