Saturday, September 20, 2014


IiMasso. An Itaian fine dine spot in Bahrain, infamous for their 'trufflicious' dishes. Chef Suzy does a great job handpicking all the top notch ingredients to orchesterate delicious dishes. 
The place will warm your heart with it's huge candles lighting it up, the long table with wooden benches will remind you of the signing scene in ( My Best Friend's Wedding) where they all sing a little prayer for me :) 
The waiters are well trained & know exactly what to recommend. 

The food! A blissful blend of flavors. It is indeed my happy place. Here are my usual picks (everytime)! 

- Barrata ( Fresh Mozarella with lemon/basil dressinng)

- Dried Goat Cheese Salad

- Mushroom/ Truffle Oil Pizza ( You can take a half & half ) 

- Rib Eye Steak ( Medium Well) The crunchy crust will be soaked with Truffle Oil 👌 perrrrrrrfection at every bite

- This is the Salmon dish. I will also recommend the Jumbo Shrimps with fennel & Mashed Potato

Finally, their top recommended desserts are the Suzy Tiramisu ( ask for the Non alcoholic) the trio ( Ice Cream, dark chocolate ganache & fresh cream- topped with my best part - A  Honey Comb log ! ( crunchy) 

My newest obsession has been the ( Affogato) . I've been trying it at almost every Italian restaurant in Bahrain. By far, the one at Masso is the best, as the esspresso comes hot on the side and you get to pour it over the delicious homemade vanilla ice cream 

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