Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Take it or leave it!

As a child, we merely had two choices imposed on us by our loving parents: ( Take it or Leave it)! 

Growing up, one would come across many incidents that would require a wider variety of choices...  but in reality, it all boils down to these two choices! You either 'take' the situation you're in and dwell upon it ( be it a bad day at work, a tough boss, low grades, sickness, to name a few) or you can choose to (leave it) behind. Ignore it ever happened and look for alternatives. 

My recommendation though is, to 'Take it' AND 'Leave it'

Take in the learnings from each situation, look for life's teachings in the deepest problems you face ( there has to be one somewhere) then stand up & 'Leave it' like there's no tomorrow! 

Now to a bit less serious talk. Adapting to a new food diet exposed me to a new choice ( Take it, Tweet it & Leave it) 😄 for the choices Of food are endless & far more than what my tiny heart/stomach can handle. 

Here's a few of my favorite things in Houston:
Five guys, chipotle & Jack-in-the-box
Fresh juices at Jamba Juice 

Crunchy crisps at Starbucks

Chai Pie at Pondchiri 

Steak at Eddie V's

Tacos at Chipotle

Salmon on a bed of lobster mashed potatoes! At Eddie V's 

... To name a few 😄

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