Monday, December 29, 2014

The Orangery - Tea Room

A delightful experience at The Orangery, the new Tea Room that just opened by Masso. It recently soft-launched its dessert section, as savory dishes are still being tested. 
We enjoyed the experience & the well presented & well prepared dishes. 

1- The Strawberry Gateaux. Super fluffy, cream is very light & fresh. Strawberries ripe & tasteful. Loved every bite of it

2- A large selection of cakes. Rose cake, Napoletta, Chocolate Mousse & a baked Vanilla Cheesecake. But the one that was by far the most delicious piece of dessert that I have tried for a while- the Kunafa Swiss Roll. A Must Have ! 

3- Chef Suzy took the lead in recommending to us a few sandwiches & items of their savory menu.We loved everything. The Bresaola & Goat Cheese Sandwich. The Trio Hummos. A Mixed Grilled Vegetables Foccacia Bread Sandwich paired with crispy hand prepared fries. 

You will also enjoy the perfect selection of bread & hi quality butter. 

Located right behind Masso in Adliya.
Enjoy it. 

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