Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blog's First Post

Well Hello everyone reading my Blog's First Post.
I was told that the first few posts will be the hardest, from then onwards, words will flow easily. Let's hope it's true

I'd like my first offical post to be more of a promise to myself, that this little idea I have in mind will be given enough attention & effort from myside to see it grow into what I intend it to be.

I've been having many ideas on what my blog will look like, what topics will I be addressing and how much time & effort will I be able to dedicate. The answers to my questions are still not set - however, I should start somewhere & see where it might take me.

'Inspire me' - an invitation to all of you to inspire me & a vision I believe in that helps me improve & make a difference.

Inspirations are around us all the time. Even in the sadest moments. We only need to be ready for them to make a difference in the way we think, act or feel. How can we be ready you'd ask? & What difference does it make if I am inspired?

[To be continued...]

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