Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inspired by the Office Boy

Studied Accounting in a reputable university for 4 years, graduated with honor & top of class - life gets cruel and makes him leave home & family to come work in Bahrain as an Office Boy. This is the story of Anil who will always be remembered. Especially that he was my inspiration to persue an MBA degree.

One hot summer morning, I decided to walk into our small kitchen at work to make my own coffee. Anil steps up to make it. I ask him not to bother as I'm already on it. Instead I asked if he was alright as he seemed worried. He told me that we were very similar as we both earned a bachelors degree in Accounting but my luck got me into Marketing with a good pay and his luck got him this simple job away from his family.

Count your blessings everyone & be thankful for living between your family. Look around you for inspirations to progress as you move on.

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