Thursday, February 21, 2013

We Love Chemo

There was a time when I feared the word (Cancer). I tried as much as possible not read about it,  not to say it, not to even ask my closest friends or family members about it.
Recklessly thinking that doing so will keep it away from me & all the ones I love & care about.

I was wrong.

The first victim of (Cancer)  has been sweet little (Nadine). My cousin's 14 year old daughter who's pure soul & face never left my father's wallet for as long as I remembered. I grew up hearing her story and loving her so much even though I never saw her as she passed away a few years before I was born.
Her struggle introduced me to this awful disease and ever since, the word (cancer) is linked to the darkest memories.

Life moved on, and so did we. Though, the love we had to those we lost never left our heart. It grew bigger day by day. May god rest their souls in peace.

30 years later, life challenged my family with another (Cancer) story. This time affecting a 19 year old angel that is so dear to my heart.

I have been struggling for 2 weeks to find the right words that can express what I felt , but I found none. So I will keep the blog blank for now and move on to the part where I urge each one of you not be like me!
Read more about Cancer. Ask. Be comfortable about it. Know deep in your heart that everything happens for a reason, no matter how sad or angry you may feel about it, there is always a (hikma) behind it. We may never realize it at the time, but we will eventually.

Chemo sounds like the end of the world for us; It supresses the immune system, kills active cells in our bodies and destroys the hair & nails. However the reality is, it supresses the growth of Cancer & therefore, we should be thankful for chemo & for the brains behind finding the best combinations of it.

Cancer has 4 main stages. Each stage requires a different set of meds. Some Cancers require a set of Radio therapy to shrink the tumors in the early stages. Other Cancers require a combination, while the higher stages cuts it directly to Chemo.
MD Anderson introduces Proton Therapy too. Something I personally never heard about until I saw it Houston. It's the friendlier version of Radio Therapy as they explained. Here is a link about it incase you want to read more about it.

Be safe. Be strong. Be thankful

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